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Tween & Teen Sleep Program For Anxieties & Bedtime Fears

Good Night Sleep Site's Tween and Teen Sleep Program helps your tween and teen get a good night sleep. Our sleep guide will give your tween and teen all the sleep tools they need to understand the importance of their sleep health and combat bedtime anxieties and fears to help them relax at bedtime and fall asleep easier and stay asleep all night long.

Create the perfect bedtime routine and combat bedtime anxieties and fears for

8 to 18 years of age.

Tween and Teen Sleep Program For a Better Night of Sleep.

Has your tween or teens sleep completely unraveled and you don't know how to get it back on track?

Or perhaps sleep has never been great for your child and you are ready to make some changes to their sleep habits?

Are bedtimes getting harder and harder with nighttime anxieties and fears and you dread the constant bedtime battles that happen each and every night?

Is your tween or teen displaying daytime struggles due to lost sleep at night?


Make Bedtimes and Nights Easier

Anxieties and worries about school, work, and their personal lives can ripple into bedtime and these anxieties and fears can amplify at night. If your tween or teen is struggling at bedtime those everyday anxieties can turn into bedtime and night time anxieties and suddenly falling asleep becomes impossible for your child. Learning the proper sleep and anxiety management tools for your child can help make bedtimes better and sleep come easier.


Make Bedtimes and Nights Easier

The summer can really shake things up for your little one's sleep. Later bedtime, inconsistent sleep environments, and recent dropped naps can take a toll on your child's sleep. Add in some bedtime anxiety and fear, and night's can feel long and bedtimes super tough. Getting prepared before the school year helps the entire family start off on the right foot including working on better sleep!

Bedtimes And Nights Can Be Great. We Will Show You How To Make Them Better.

Your Tween and Teen Sleep Program Includes:

A 32 page guide with steps, strategies, and downloads to incorporate relaxing bedtime activities and behavioural changes for a better bedtime and a great night of sleep for your child.

Easy-to-follow bedtime tools and activities on how to alleviate stress and tension at bedtime with your teen.

Education and know-how that your childs sleep struggles are routed in the thoughts they have about sleep and easy-to-follow steps on how they can shift that mindset in order to sleep better.

5 surefire strategies to overcome worries and fears at bedtimes.

5 easy bedtime activity printables to use in your tween or teen sleep plan.

The do's and don'ts on Melatonin.

Bonus! How to recognize you need one and how to conduct a Family Sleep Meeting to ensure a sleep plan that the entire family can follow.

Better Bedtimes. Easier Nights.

Sound Sleep All Night Long.

Created By Alanna McGinn

Nobody loves sleep more than Good Night Sleep Site founder, Alanna McGinn! Since 2007, Alanna has established Good Night Sleep Site as being a #1 sleep resource for families and her and her team of sleep consultants strive in helping families (baby to adults) and corporations overcome their sleep challenges and have well-rested smiles in the morning.

She serves on the faculty of The Family Sleep Institute, she is a certified Stress Management Coach, and is host of the ‘This Girl Loves Sleep’ Podcast. You can follow Alanna’s expert advice in national publications like Forbes, Maclean’s, Today’s Parent, and Prevention Magazine, and has appeared as a leading sleep expert on Cityline and Breakfast Television.

Better Bedtimes. Easier Nights.

Sound Sleep All Night Long.


Healthy Sleep Habits For

8 to 18 Years of Age

Sleep tools and steps to reduce bedtime anxieties and worries at night for bedtimes you can all look forward to!


Healthy Sleep Habits For All Ages

Sleep tools and steps for no nap transitions, proper bedtimes and sleep schedules, and family sleep meetings from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


Printables and Instructions

Easy-to-follow strategies and printables to incorporate at bedtime and during your family sleep meeting that will allow for a more peaceful bedtime with an increase in solid night sleeps.


Calming Bedtime Solutions

Incorporate our anxiety and worry busting bedtime tools that will allow for a more peaceful bedtime with an increase in solid night sleeps and well-rested school days.

Hear From Our Customers

We've helped families worldwide since 2007

Sleep all of a sudden became a huge struggle for my daughter. My once amazing sleeper suddenly hated and feared bedtime and we would both dread it because we knew the fights that would begin. Everything we read to try and help her fall asleep wasn't working until we purchased Alanna's Tween and Teen Sleep Program. Finally we were able to sit down and learn the tools together and when we were consistent with them they worked! We are all sleeping better because of it!

Mama to 10 Year Old - Well-Rested Client

Alanna quite literally saved our sanity! Our little one had just turned four months old and was refusing to take daytime naps, needed to be rocked/nursed to sleep, and was up every 45 minutes at night. We were beyond exhausted and had heard about Good Night Sleep Site through friends who had also had great success with Alanna's program. After following Alanna's plan our baby was sleeping through the night, taking amazing day time naps, and falling asleep independently. Our baby is SO much happier, and so are we! I would recommend Good Night Sleep Site to anyone- the results that we saw were incredible and a complete life saver. Thank you Alanna!

Mama to 5 Month Old - Happy Client

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